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Food are urgent, but education and recreation are important! That is why we started the 2nd stage to face this emergency: School reinforcement and virtual recreation.

With your donations we will continue to bring food, school reinforcement and virtual recreation during the emergency to 200 families.

Sponsor for Us$ 20, 50 and 100. More information: donaciones@pocalana.org


At Pocalana we transform realities from four perspectives. The first is care for people on the street of Bogotá, Colombia; through night tours and help for our Pocalana´s friends. The second is prevention through recreational, sports and artistic activities with vulnerable children in the Mochuelo bajo neighborhood in Bogotá. We also work with rural communities and with companies as partners in their social responsibility programs. Do you want to donate or volunteer?

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RECREATING DREAMS: We work with 200 children and their families from the Mochuelo bajo neighborhood of Ciudad Bolivar in Bogotá (Colombia), with sports, artistic and parent schools.

WALKING STORIES: We visit the street dwellers in Bogotá on Saturday night and create opportunities for re-socialization for those who seek it.

POCALANA MALL: It is an event where we bring clothing, food, games, music and lots of fun to remote populations, characteristic of a large shopping center, to create bonds of friendship between these and the volunteers.

CORPORATE: We create social projects to strengthen corporate social responsibility programs; These are reflected in volunteer programs, transformation within companies and with nearby communities.

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